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【Master Degree Examination】2024/03/25(Mon)10:00 Nada Emily Manassuppamongkol (吳美翎)- Master's Degree Examination Presentation


【碩士生學位口試公告】Master degree examination presentation

Whisper Vows Across the Romance Shores: Understanding the Key Drivers of Phuket’s Wedding Tourism

Student:Nada Emily Manassuppamongkol (吳美翎)

Advisor:Prof. Lai-Hsin Lai

Committee:Prof. Richard C. Y. Chang

      Prof. Tsung-Chiung Wu

Date:2024. 03. 25 (Mon) 10:00

Location:Room A322, Management College


觀光暨休閒遊憩學系 敬啟

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