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Development Direction and Characteristics

As far as the professional fields are concerned, the future development of the Department is based on developing tourism with in-depth experience and reflecting healthy leisure and recreational activities. The fundamental idea is to cultivate tourism, leisure, and recreation specialists, who have acquired in-depth recreational experience, are concerned about community health, and emphasize sustainable resources.
According to the Department’s development direction, in addition to ‘general holistic education’ and ‘basic specialty of management,’ 2 domain courses are designed for the Bachelor classes:
(1) Tourism industry and development course including “tourism industry management” and “tourism region development,”
(2) Leisure-recreation management course including “leisure & recreation behavior” and “experience and recreation resource management.” The courses are composed of professional basic training and recent trends and topics, both of which can build up a good foundation for future students’ professional literacy and employment.
Maintaining the nice tradition of ‘Graduate Institute of Tourism and Recreation Management’, both the Master classes and Ph.D. division are devoted to research on distinctive professional fields, positively build up academic leading status, pursue sustainable development of tourism recreation resources, and cultivate professionals, who can take ‘industrial economic development’ and ‘resource protection’ into consideration and care for the lands and humanities. The professional academic study emphasizes tourism industry management, sustainable tourism development, leisure health, and recreation resource management, etc.
The entire faculty possess Ph.D. degrees in tourism, leisure, and recreation. In addition, they always work hard on researching, teaching, even caring for their students.