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Founding Purpose

In accordance with regional tourism development, and promoting the quality of national leisure and recreation living, the Department has been working on cultivating tourism leisure recreation management professionals with both global and local perspectives, incorporating related academic fields, promoting research on management issues related to tourism, leisure, and recreation, and helping the central and local governments with the development of tourism and related policies.
In order to highlight the important issues of tourism and recreation development in the East Taiwan, the Department emphasizes on ‘resource-based’ tourism development and ‘experience-based’ recreation and leisure management. Except for core responsibility to educate tourism and recreation professionals, the Department aggressively devotes itself to help the government with policy formulation and advance industrial management. The cooperative programs with other departments (such as business administration, environmental management and indigenous affairs) are encouraged.
Through members’ dedications, academic networking and international exchange programs, the Department is expected to play a key role at the academic domain of tourism and recreation.
Based on the belief of ‘local concerns and global vision’, the Department has designed its programs around three main themes: serious recreation experience, healthy society, and sustainable development. Two main fields, ‘tourism industry and development’ and ‘recreation and leisure management’, are also included. The Departments is one of the few in Taiwan that provide complete bachelor, master and doctoral degree programs. With full professional lineup of faculties, comprehensively designed courses, and adopting up-to-date academic and professional trends, the Department can provide its students with solid knowledge foundations and effective skills for their future development.