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※ The Department of Tourism, Recreation, and Leisure Studies (established in August 2010)

Chairman term of office
Yi-Ju Lee, Associate Professor 2022.08.01~
Li-Ju Chen, Associate Professor 2019.08.01~2022.07.31
Ching-Yu Chang, Associate Professor 2016.08.01~2019.07.31
Chi-Chuan Lue, Professor 2013.08.01~2016.07.31
Tsung-Chiung Wu, Professor 2010.08.01~2013.07.31








※ The integraton period of the Department of Sports and Leisure and the Institute of Tourism and Recreation Management (2007~2010)

Chairman term of office
Yi-Chung Hsu, Professor 2007.08.01~2009.07.31
Tsung-Chiung Wu, Professor 2009.08.01~2010.07.31





※ The Institute of Tourism and Recreation Management (established in August 1999)

Chairman term of office
Bin-Min Sung, Professor 1999.08.01~2002.07.31
Shih-Jang Hsu, Professor 2002.08.01~2005.07.31
Yi-Chung Hsu, Professor 2005.08.01~2007.07.31






※ The Department of Sports and Leisure (established in August 1998)

Chairman term of office
Kuang-Ren Chen, PhD (acting chairman) 1998.08.01~1999.07.31
Chuan-ming Wang, Associate Professor 1999.08.01~2001.07.31
I-Wei Shang, Assistant Professor (acting chairman) 2001.08.01~2002.07.31
Chih-Kue Yeh, Professor 2002.08.01~2005.07.31
Chi-Chuan Lue, Professor 2005.08.01~2007.07.31