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Goal for Education

The Department values the cultivation of students’ personalities and attitudes for their overall holistic education not only emphasizing the cultivation of professional knowledge and skills, but also making efforts to breed students as modern intellectuals with cultural and social heritage, ideal specialties, correct living attitudes, and broad visions and minds. The Department expects its students to have the following features: macroscopic international vision, care for local humanities, all-round communication and negotiation and organizing capability, and sincere, zealous attitudes toward service and learning.
In tourism industry and the development of professional training, the Department especially pays attention to students’ professional capability and literacy to discover, to face, and to cope with problems, such as the diagnosis and analysis of tourism industry, the practice and creation of management strategies, and the realization of and concern for the development & planning, building characteristics, management and promotion, socioeconomic culture and resource issues.
In the training for professionals of leisure and recreation management, the Department emphasizes to cultivate students’ basic logic and cognition towards leisure & recreation behaviors, and attitude and preference. At the same time, we also pay attention to cultivate students to concern about and realize the issues on human and environment resource usage, leisure and recreation industry planning for health and wellness, and the development of healthy and life-loving attitude.